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From classic board games and Montessori sensory toys to puzzles and electronic gadgets, the Little Travellers' Toys and Games collection has something for everyone! With such a wide range of toys and games suitable for children of all ages, boredom will be much more manageable on that next car drive or flight.

Top 10 Engaging Travel Toys to Keep Your Kids Entertained on the Go

Simplify your travel prep with our handpicked selection of toys that promise peaceful journeys. We’ve gathered engaging travel toys for your kids, ensuring they’re happily occupied, whether it’s a quick commute or a lengthy flight. Keep reading to find toys that strike the perfect balance between fun, learning, and hassle-free portability.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse travel toys, from magnetic playsets to strategy games, are key for keeping kids of all ages entertained and mentally stimulated on journeys.
  • Compact and mess-free toys, such as suction spinner toys, activity books, and foldable games, are specifically tailored for on-the-go activities like car trips and plane rides.
  • Customizing a travel toy kit with a mix of entertaining and educational items, paired with activities that encourage interaction and imagination, will enrich any travel experience for children.

Travel Toys for All Ages

Whether it’s a long car ride or a transatlantic flight, travel toys can be a lifesaver. They are not mere distractions; they engage children’s minds and imaginations, offering a variety of options such as:

  • puzzles
  • board games
  • memory games
  • small figurines or tiny cars
  • sticker books
  • simple puzzles

These toys can turn a mundane journey into a fun-filled adventure.

A well-rounded travel toy kit can keep children of different age groups entertained and mentally stimulated throughout their journeys, offering all the things they need for fun and learning.

Fun Games for Younger Kids

For younger kids, games that stimulate their creativity and fine motor skills can be a hit. Magnetic playsets, for instance, not only amuse toddlers but also enhance their creativity and fine motor skills. Lift-the-flap books offer interactive storytelling, keeping toddlers engaged, particularly during long car journeys.

Moreover, games like Rory’s Story Cubes, Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win License Plate Game, and Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game are particularly well-suited for keeping younger children entertained during trips.

Engaging Toys for Older Children

As for older children, toys that require more complex thinking and interaction, such as role-playing sets or building kits, can keep them engaged. These toys allow for creative expression and can be a great source of entertainment during travel. Sudoku books and travel-sized strategy games can challenge their intellect, fostering solo play.

Board games that require teamwork can be particularly engaging and beneficial for older children while traveling, encouraging the development of empathy and cooperation.

Popular Categories of Travel Toys

Diving deeper into the world of travel toys, you’ll find a multitude of categories suitable for a wide age range. From magnetic games to strategy games and travel board games, there’s something for everyone. For instance, travel versions of classic board games and tabletop games can engage kids of different ages, offering versatility and ensuring that the entire family is entertained during travel.

Thus, choosing the right mix of toys can keep the kids hooked, turning the journey into an enjoyable adventure.

Strategy Games

Strategy games, often considered as smart games, can be a brilliant addition to your travel toy kit. They stimulate children’s minds through strategic thinking and are conveniently packed for trips.

Games like chess or checkers can keep kids engaged for hours, enhancing their problem-solving abilities while ensuring they’re having fun.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Puzzles and brain teasers are another fantastic category of travel toys. Magnetic board games like puzzles engage children with intellectual challenges and are specifically designed for travel convenience. Custom face-making sets and other magnetic puzzles provide a tidy, manageable way to keep kids entertained on the go.

For a unique source of tactile and visual play, consider stereognostic bags alongside TOOBs with nomenclature cards. These brain teasers can be used multiple times during travel, making them a sustainable choice for engaging kids repeatedly on various journeys.

Creative and Artistic Toys

Unleashing your child’s creativity during travel can be a fun and rewarding experience. Creative and artistic toys like magnetic building blocks and game sets are perfect for this purpose. They’re compact, making them convenient for travel, and can serve additional purposes at the destination, such as functioning as bath toys, demonstrating their versatility.

So, why not let your child’s imagination run wild with these artistic toys?

Our Favorite Travel Toys for Car Trips

When it comes to car trips, some toys stand out for their ability to keep children entertained and happy. Here are a few examples:

  • Refillable water pen paired with a colouring pad: provides toddlers with an engaging and mess-free activity.
  • Magnetic toys facilitate easy clean-up and reduce the likelihood of losing pieces.
  • A plush toy that doubles as a white noise machine provides both comfort and entertainment.

These toys are perfect for keeping children entertained during car trips.

Activity Books and Coloring Sets

Activity books and colouring sets are essential for a car trip. They offer a variety of activities that keep children absorbed for hours, including:

  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Drawing activities

For instance, mess-free colouring sets that use invisible ink or water facilitate creativity without the mess, and their reusable nature allows for repeated enjoyment.

Moreover, reusable stickers and sticker books give children the freedom to express themselves and construct different stories during travel.

Best Airplane-Friendly Toys

Airplane travel requires a unique set of toys. Compact and easy to carry, these toys allow for stress-free packing and convenience during the journey. Busy books, for example, are especially suitable for toddlers as they offer several interactive elements in a format that’s easy to fit into carry-on luggage.

Similarly, activity boards can be fastened to aeroplane surfaces, making them practical for in-flight use.

Quiet Fidget Toys

Quiet fidget toys are a godsend in an aeroplane environment. Suction spinner toys that attach to aeroplane windows are an effective distraction, especially during take-off and landing. Similarly, Whirly Squigz and PipSquigz Loops, which suction to flat surfaces, offer engaging play for babies in a quiet mode.

The Shashibo Shape Shifting Box:

  • A silent fidget toy with magnets
  • Allows transformation into over 70 shapes
  • Can keep kids entertained without noise
  • Fits comfortably in small spaces like airplane seating.

Compact Card Games

Compact card games are another excellent choice for aeroplane travel. Some examples include:

  • ‘Spot It!’, which is perfect for travel with its fast-paced memory challenges and secure tin packaging
  • Pass the Pigs
  • Travel Spirograph
  • Skillmatics Card Games

These favourite games, also known as popular games, are ideal for older children during travel.

Their compact size and contained nature make card games a go-to option for in-flight entertainment.

Foldable Travel Chess Set

For the chess enthusiast, a foldable travel chess set is a must-have. The QuadPro Magnetic Chess set includes a folding board with integrated storage for pieces, making it particularly suitable for travel without losing pieces. Silicone chess boards paired with plastic pieces are favoured for travel as they are durable and water-resistant, accommodating a variety of playing environments.

The Chess Armory’s 9.5-inch travel set combines high portability with a board and pieces that are sufficiently large to ensure a comfortable playing experience.

Create Your Own On-the-Go Toy Kit

Creating your own on-the-go toy kit can be a fun and rewarding experience. It allows you to customize the selection of toys based on your child’s interests and travel conditions. A typical travel busy bag should include 3-6 items per child, and if necessary, include 1-2 larger items in a separate carry-on.

Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys

Choosing age-appropriate toys is crucial. It’s essential to select toys that reflect a child’s current interests based on the toys they gravitate towards at home. After all, a toy that fails to captivate a child’s attention at home is unlikely to be different during travel.

Balancing Fun and Learning

Striking a balance between fun and learning can turn travel time into a productive and enjoyable experience. Puzzles and brain teasers are travel toys that can entertain children and engage their problem-solving skills. Stickers can be utilized to reinforce learning through activities like matching them to letters, numbers, or shapes for recognition practice.

Portable toys like Plus Plus offer unlimited play options and promote creativity, making them a good choice for balancing fun and learning on the go.

Ensuring Variety and Versatility

Ensuring variety and versatility in your travel toy kit can keep your child’s interest piqued. A mix of toys can offer a diverse range of play options, such as:

  • Books
  • Wooden toys
  • Cars
  • Puzzles
  • Creative and artistic toys

These toys allow children to express themselves and channel their creativity while on the move.

Moreover, setting travel-specific goals and challenges or collecting items can create captivating childhood experiences and memories.

Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained During Travel

Keeping kids entertained during travel can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, it can become a breeze. A curated travel bag should include a variety of toys that provide entertainment and comfort, especially in settings like airports and planes where kids might feel overwhelmed.

Implementing a reward system, such as having a jar of treats that diminishes misbehaviour, encourages children to maintain good behaviour during the trip.

Setting Goals and Challenges

Setting goals and challenges can make the journey more exciting for children. A personal travel goal, like visiting all 50 states, encourages children to explore and creates a shared objective for family travels.

Moreover, travel printables such as scavenger hunts and colour hunts offer a compact way to provide educational challenges to kids on the go, and these resources are often available as downloads.

Involving Friends and Siblings in Play

Involving friends and siblings in play can enhance your child's travel experience. By travelling with other families or staying with friends who have children, families can create an environment that promotes social interaction for their kids.

Camping trips are particularly beneficial for children’s social interactions. They offer an open setting and communal activities that make playing with peers easy and natural.

Encouraging Imagination and Storytelling

Travelling can be an excellent opportunity for children to use their imagination and craft stories. Toys like finger puppets and lace toys allow children to engage in storytelling and imaginative play while also developing fine motor skills.

Games such as ‘I Spy’ and its airport edition are ideal for quietly engaging children during car trips or while waiting for flights, encouraging observation and creative thinking.


In conclusion, travel toys can make your journey more enjoyable and less stressful, both for you and your children. From strategy games and puzzles to creative and artistic toys, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Remember to consider the child’s age and interests when selecting toys and aim to strike a balance between fun and learning. With the right toys, every journey can become an adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some travel toys suitable for younger kids?

Some travel toys for younger kids are magnetic playsets, lift-the-flap books, and games like Rory's Story Cubes, Melissa & Doug Flip-to-Win License Plate Game, and Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game. These options can keep kids entertained during trips.

What types of travel toys are suitable for older kids?

Older kids can stay engaged during travel with role-playing sets, sudoku books, and cooperative board games. These activities are both fun and stimulating.

What are some examples of airplane-friendly toys?

Some examples of airplane-friendly toys include busy books, activity boards, quiet fidget toys, compact card games, and foldable travel chess sets. These options are great for keeping kids entertained during flights!

How can I create my own on-the-go toy kit?

You can make your own on-the-go toy kit by selecting age-appropriate toys that match your child's interests and offer a mix of fun and learning. Ensure the toys are diverse and versatile. Have fun with it!

What are some tips for keeping kids entertained during travel?

Setting goals and challenges, involving friends and siblings in play, and encouraging imagination and storytelling are great tips for keeping kids entertained during travel. These activities help keep them engaged and excited.