Collection: Feeding Sets

Discover our exquisite collection of Premium Feeding Sets, thoughtfully crafted from high-quality silicone and bamboo. These tasteful sets are designed to support baby-led weaning, combining functionality with educational elements to enhance the feeding experience for your little ones. Available in various beautiful colours and styles, some of our sets offer the added charm of personalisation, making them a truly unique gift for baby showers, first and second birthdays, or any special milestone.

Each set is carefully designed to encourage your child's independence at mealtime. Its ergonomic shapes fit perfectly in tiny hands and help develop fine motor skills. The silicone components are soft, safe, and durable, while the bamboo adds a touch of natural elegance that's both eco-friendly and robust. Customise your choice with your child’s name for a personal flair, making each mealtime a personal adventure.

Ideal for parents seeking stylish yet practical solutions for their children's dining needs, our Premium Feeding Sets promise to make every meal a delightful experience. Perfect for gifts, they look great and offer practical functionality to ease the transition to solid foods