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2-Piece Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set (6+ months)

2-Piece Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set (6+ months)

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2-Piece Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set: Making Mealtimes a Breeze for Parents and Tots

Safety at the Forefront

Introducing a meal set designed with your child's utmost safety in mind. Crafted from 100% food-grade silicone, both the bowl and spoon ensure:

  • Pure Quality: Free from toxins, ensuring each meal is as healthy as the last.
  • Unbreakable Nature: No more worrying about accidental drops or breaks during mealtime.

Gentle Yet Resilient Design

While soft to the touch, our 2-Piece Set boasts a sturdiness that's just right for little hands learning to feed themselves. It stands up to the most eager and curious of grips, ensuring a drop doesn’t lead to a disaster.

Heat Resistant & Multipurpose Use

Whether you're warming up a meal or cleaning up post-feed, our set is equipped to handle it:

  • High-Temperature Tolerance: Easily endures temperatures reaching up to 220℃ without warping or losing its form.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Compatibility: Whether you're looking to heat up baby food quickly or clean up in a jiffy, this set is ready for the task.

Seamless Integration into Modern Parenting

Mealtimes are pivotal moments in a child's growth, and our set aims to make these moments as smooth as possible. With our Silicone Bowl & Spoon, parents can focus on bonding and learning, and less on the mess and stress.

Upgrade Your Baby’s Dining Experience

Equip your little one with the tools they need for successful self-feeding. With the 2-Piece Silicone Bowl & Spoon Set, mealtime mishaps have become a thing of the past. Grab your set and elevate your child's dining experience today!

Recommended Age: Can be used when the baby starts eating solids from 6 months.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Keyshawn Heathcote

Like the photo

Benjamin Becker

Great material and the super fast delivery. I liked it very much and I will definitely buy it again.

Roderick Ward

Perfect and the best price yet here in Brazil costs 60,00

Delores Heathcote

Beautiful the silicone bowlzinho the color is a very delicate pastel blue and it is windy and I am very good material I am satisfied👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Ken Halvorson

The product is wonderful, it comes from the certain shape you bought, easy to handle, stick to the table, the spoon is very soft for baby, in addition to being like a biter for children who are in the phase of the teeth grow buy people and very good.🤩🤩