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Welcome to Little Travellers, Your One-stop Shop for Stress-free Family Holidays!

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room.

You’re not here to read another “founder story” or listen about how I did this or became that.


Chances are, you’re here because you’re about to embark on a long-awaited holiday or maybe a last-minute family trip. You’ve travelled before, and it’s your bread and butter, but this time it will be different. This time, you’ll have a little extra onboard.

And maybe (just maybe) you’ve waited a bit too long with preparation, and now you’re freaking out…

Or maybe not.

I know many parents who do when they take their baby overseas for the first time.

Travelling has always been their passion. But before having a child, it was easy. Packing the bare essentials for a backpacking adventure in South America: No problemo!

And then we became parents.

If you ask a bunch of people how to travel with a child, most will tell you to “Just forget it. Your time of freedom is over, and for the next 15-ish years, you’re doomed to be shackled to your hometown.” If that’s something you’ve heard before…forget it!

It’s just not true!

I mean, travelling with a child can be scary. Nobody wants to be THAT family on the airplane. I know I didn’t.

But guess what? As terrifying as it was, my first flight with my son was… okay.

Nothing bad happened, and the little one slept most of the journey.

Sure, knowing a few tricks helped, and so I continued to travel with my little man, learning new things with each trip.

Eventually, I decided to do something with that knowledge and create a one-stop shop where parents can learn how to best prepare for family holidays and get quality equipment that will not only help them enjoy the trip but also keep their little ones happy and safe.

That’s when Little Travellers was born.

I know, it turned into a little bit of a founder story after all. But hey, you made it through!

Back to you now.

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