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Toddler No-Spill Drink/Sippy Cup (12+ months)

Toddler No-Spill Drink/Sippy Cup (12+ months)

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Discover the Joy of Hassle-Free Hydration with Our Premium Baby and Toddler Sippy Cup!

Introducing the ultimate solution for parents and toddlers on the go - our innovative Baby and Toddler Sippy Cup, designed to make the transition from bottles to cups smooth and spill-free! Crafted with your child's health and safety in mind, this cup is the perfect training tool for little ones eager to drink like grown-ups. 💪

Safe and Durable 🔒

Our sippy cup is made from top-quality, BPA-free plastic and soft silicone that's tough enough to handle the enthusiasm of adventurous toddlers. The highly durable materials ensure that the cup is both safe for your child and resilient against drops and throws - a frequent occurrence with little hands. The sturdy design promises longevity, allowing this cup to accompany your child from their first sips to confident drinking.

Innovative 360-Degree Drinking Edge 💧

Designed with a unique 360-degree drinking edge, our sippy cup allows toddlers to tilt and sip from any side, just like a regular cup. This encourages proper lip and mouth placement, fostering the development of the muscles needed for a mature swallow. The cup's edge automatically seals after drinking, preventing any leaks or spills, even when it takes a tumble to the floor.

Mess-Free and Hygienic 

Say goodbye to constant cleaning up of spills and leaks. The secure seal technology ensures that water flows only when your child is drinking, making it the perfect companion for car rides, playdates, or bedtime routines. Plus, the lack of extra spouts, valves, or straws makes this cup a breeze to clean and a win for hygiene.

Ergonomic for Tiny Hands 👶

Understanding the need for comfort and ease of use, our sippy cup is designed with a child's grip in mind. The easy-hold sides allow tiny hands to grasp securely, promoting independence and confidence as they learn to self-feed and drink. The lightweight design means it's easy for your toddler to hold and manoeuvre, paving the way for a seamless transition to traditional cups.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, the reusable nature of our sippy cup provides an eco-friendly alternative to disposable options. Not only will you be contributing to a healthier planet, but you'll also enjoy the cost benefits of a durable cup that grows with your child.

Perfect for Busy Parents 👪

Understanding that parents value convenience, our sippy cup is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. Its compatibility with most cup holders and its travel-friendly design make it an essential item for parents who are always on the move.

Order Today for a Spill-Free Tomorrow!

Embrace the joy of a clean, spill-free home and the pride of watching your toddler drink independently. Our Baby and Toddler Sippy Cup isn't just a drinking vessel; it's an investment in your child's development and your peace of mind. 

Recommended Age: 12+ months

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sister Gutkowski

It's great. My toddler loves it.

Dario Murphy

Very useful

Vallie Purdy

A little smaller than I imagined. Fit 200l.

Dawn DuBuque

At first he smelled like a cake, but after time it's OK

Henri Haag