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Baby's First Sensory Book - Jungle Animals (3+ months)

Baby's First Sensory Book - Jungle Animals (3+ months)

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Embark on a sensory safari with "Baby's First Fabric Sensory Book: Jungle Animals," meticulously designed to captivate and educate your little explorer through the wonders of the wild!

🌿 Engaging 3D Touch and Feel

This charming sensory book invites tiny fingers to explore a variety of textures and shapes thanks to its innovative 3D touch-and-feel design. Each page offers a tactile experience, from the smoothness of an elephant's ear to the ridges of a crocodile's back, stimulating curiosity and motor skills.

🖼️ Striking High-Contrast Visuals

Crafted with high-contrast cloth pages, the book stands out in the visual landscape of your baby's world. The vivid colours and patterns are easy for young eyes to distinguish and enjoy, promoting visual perception and attention to detail.

🧠 Montessori-Inspired Learning

Drawing inspiration from Montessori principles, this book is a treasure trove of sensory early learning. It nurtures the development of touch, sight, and sound, laying a foundation for lifelong learning and discovery.

🎁 Ideal Gift for Infants and Toddlers

Present this book as a cherished gift to the little learners in your life. It's a delightful and engaging way to introduce them to their first jungle adventure while fostering an early love for reading and exploration.

🎠 Perfect Stroller Companion

Lightweight and portable, this sensory book is an excellent stroller companion, providing entertainment and learning on the go. It's a wonderful way to keep your baby engaged during walks or while running errands.


  • Safe, non-toxic, and baby-friendly cloth material.
  • Hand-washable for easy cleaning and lasting durability.
  • Carefully stitched to ensure it withstands eager exploration.
  • Gentle colors that are soothing for baby's eyes.
  • Animal tails and sound papers in front and back covers for auditory stimulation.
  • Diverse scenes with mini-games and hide-and-seek features, offering fun discoveries on every page.
  • Encourages open-ended curiosity, with 4 pages and 8 sides of rich and interactive content.


  • Material: Soft, durable cloth
  • Size: Approximately 16cm x 16cm/6.3 inches
  • Package Includes: 1 x "Baby's First Fabric Sensory Book: Jungle Animals"

Dive into the pages of "Baby's First Fabric Sensory Book: Jungle Animals" and watch your baby's delight and learning grow with each turn of the page!

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