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Little Travellers

3D Bubble Stickers - Vehicles (6 Sheets) (3+ years)

3D Bubble Stickers - Vehicles (6 Sheets) (3+ years)

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3D Bubble Stickers - Vehicles: Drive Imagination to New Heights

Vibrant and Engaging Imagery

Gift your child a world of colourful and captivating vehicular adventures. Packed with six lively sheets, these vehicle-themed stickers are every little car and truck enthusiast's dream.

A Boost to Creativity & Development

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these stickers serve as educational tools:

  • Stimulating Imagination: With many fun 3D vehicle designs, watch your child craft countless tales and scenarios.
  • Enhancing Motor Skills: The peel-and-stick nature of these stickers not only entertains but refines your little one’s hand coordination.

Versatile & Interactive Fun

These stickers adhere to a diverse range of surfaces, allowing for a myriad of creative applications:

  • Flexible Decor: Let your child’s creativity shine everywhere, from notebooks to windows.
  • Intriguing Texture: The 3D bubble effect adds a tactile dimension, enhancing sensory interaction.

Educational Play at Its Finest

Amidst the fun, there’s learning to be had. Introduce your child to various vehicles, broadening their horizons and feeding their natural curiosity.

More Than Just Decorative Pieces

3D Bubble Stickers - Vehicles are not just about adorning surfaces. They're tools of exploration, windows to imaginative scenarios, and catalysts for educational play. Dive into a world of fun and learning, and gift your child a journey of creativity today!

Recommended Age: 3+ years

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Antonetta Waelchi

kids love the stickers. highly recommended seller

Arno Harris

kids love the stickers. highly recommended seller

Felicita Osinski

Very nice stickers

Asia Gleason

Cool stickers, easy to peel off smooth surfaces. Child 3 years old liked.

Katlynn Spinka