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Wooden Toy Hammer Set (3+ years)

Wooden Toy Hammer Set (3+ years)

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Experience limitless fun with the captivating Wooden Toy Hammer Set!

Unleash hours of joy and entertainment with this remarkable playtime companion!

Ignite a world of colour, exploration, and interactive fun for your little one with our Wooden Toy Hammer Set! Carefully crafted to blend entertainment and educational tools, this vibrant toy will keep tiny hands and minds engaged for hours!

🚼 A Safe Playground Right at Home

  • Suitable Age: Designed for toddlers, recommended for ages 18 months and over.
  • Quality Material: Constructed with high-quality plywood and wood, ensuring durability while being gentle for baby’s use.

🔨 Interactive Hammer & Ball Fun

  1. Learn & Play: Teach your baby to use the wooden hammer effectively, knocking balls through holes and revelling in delight as the balls roll out of the box. This not only piques their interest but also strengthens their little wrists!
  2. Vivid Color Recognition: Introduce your toddler to a world where colours are doorways to imaginative play!
  3. Skilful Play: Guide your baby to accurately match the colourful balls with the corresponding holes, sharpening their colour recognition and fine motor skills!

🎨 A Palette of Learning Opportunities

  • Colourful Exploration: Dive into play sessions that naturally introduce your child to various colours, facilitating effortless learning.
  • Engaging Design: The hammer set's clever design provides visual and tactile stimulation, enhancing your child’s sensory development.

🧠 Nurturing Cognitive & Physical Development

  • Coordination Skills: Helps develop hand-eye coordination as the baby learns to hit the balls precisely.
  • Cognitive Development: Engages cognitive faculties by encouraging babies to differentiate between colours and understand cause and effect.

🛠️ A Toolbox of Adventures

Imagine the excitement in each hammer thud and the gleeful chase as the ball rolls out! Each knock is not just playing, but a step towards developing crucial motor skills and unravelling the vibrant world of colours!

💼 Compact & Convenient

  • Product Size: A compact form of 11 * 11 * 6cm ensures easy storage and portability.
  • Package Size: It comes in neat 12 * 13 * 10cm packaging, making it gift-ready for any occasion!

🎁 Gift a World of Exploration

The Wooden Toy Hammer Set is more than a toy. It's a fun, safe, and educational gift, keeping them entertained while they unknowingly develop essential skills. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because – your gift will be quite a hit!

Here's to joyous knocks, rolling balls, and gleeful giggles that fill your space as your baby embarks on a colourful journey of learning and exploration with our Wooden Toy Hammer Set! 🌈👶🔨💕

🚨 Safety Note: Parental Supervision Required 🚨

The Wooden Toy Hammer Set is crafted to bring joy and learning to your little one, yet safety always comes first! While designed with playful engagement in mind, the balls included in this set pose a potential choking hazard to young children.

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