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Usborne - Never Get Bored Outdoors Book (6-9 years)

Usborne - Never Get Bored Outdoors Book (6-9 years)

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Usborne "Never Get Bored Outdoors" Book: Nature's Playbook for Kids!

Unveil the magic of the great outdoors with the "Never Get Bored Outdoors" by Usborne. Designed as a treasure trove of activities, it's the ultimate guide for children to reconnect with nature and spark their adventurous spirit.

🌳 Unlimited Outdoor Adventures:

This book transforms ordinary days into extraordinary adventures, from setting up your own bug hotel to stargazing and bird spotting. But the fun doesn't stop there - hone artistic skills with animal drawing tutorials, find inspiration for a nature poem, or challenge yourself with an outdoor quiz.

🌌 Enhanced Digital Interaction:

Adding a modern twist to outdoor play, this book has curated links to exclusive online content. Dive into additional activities, games, and fun-filled outdoor challenges at the click of a button.

📚 Key Product Details:

  • Publisher: Usborne GB

  • Publication Date: 1 July 2019

  • Language: English

  • Format: Durable Hardcover with 128 vivid pages

  • ISBNs: 1474952984 (10), 978-1474952989 (13)

  • Recommended Reading Age: 6 - 9 years

  • Dimensions: 19.3 x 1.5 x 24.7 cm

With the "Never Get Bored Outdoors" book, children won't just explore the world around them; they'll see it in an entirely new light. It's not just a book—it's an invitation to adventure, creativity, and discovery in our world's vast open playground. Ready to embark on countless outdoor escapades? 🍃🔍🌟🐦🎨📖🌺🧭🌔

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