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Rolled Pencil Case

Rolled Pencil Case

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Presenting the Artistic Roll-Up Pencil Case – the ultimate organizer for young creators and their vibrant palettes of pencils!

Cultivating Young Creatives

Tailor-made for the blossoming artist, this ingeniously designed roll-up pencil case is the quintessential companion for every drawing expedition. It's a mobile haven for pencils, ensuring that inspiration is never hindered by disarray.

Sturdy and Stylish Canvas Construction

Crafted from robust canvas material, our pencil case is durable and a breeze to maintain, thanks to its washable nature. Designed to endure the enthusiastic wear and tear of artistic endeavours, it is as resilient as it is chic.

Ample Storage with Handmade Charm

Embracing a generous capacity, this handmade woven canvas wrap unfurls to cradle up to 48 pencils. Each pencil is cocooned in its own snug slot, shielding the tips while keeping the colours visible and accessible.

Versatility Meets Simplicity

The Pencil Case isn't just about keeping things neat; it's a statement of simplicity and versatility. Its roll-up design minimises space and maximises efficiency, and with a secure tie closure, it’s a breeze to bundle up and tote around.

Safekeeping with a Roll and a Wrap

Art supplies are treasures of the trade for any young artist. This Pencil Case assures that their tools of expression are not only organized but also safeguarded against the jumbles and tumbles of travel.

Please Note:

The Pencil Case arrives ready to be filled with your child's chosen spectrum of colored pencils – pencils are not included, allowing for a personalized selection suited to their artistic journey.

Enrich your child's artistic practice with the Roll-Up Pencil Case – where every pencil has its place, and creativity knows no bounds!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Quentin Bernier

Exactly as in the ad. Good quality. Arrived fast. Bright colors, good seams, space for the good-sized pens/pencils.

Fidel DuBuque

Great quality and finish

Zelma Hartmann

Felt pens don't fit in, colored pencils May. But well crafted and pretty to look at

Jewel Mosciski

Very useful

Jovan Adams