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Extra-Long Friendly Monster Bib

Extra-Long Friendly Monster Bib

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🎨 Vibrant & Playful Design:

Our bib has a cheerful teal colour palette and an irresistibly cute monster face. It's not just a mealtime essential but also a conversation starter, turning everyday feeding into a delightful experience.

🍼 Handy Pouch Pocket with Bubble Tea Motif:

This thoughtfully crafted pocket isn't just for show! Its design is perfect for catching those unpredictable spills and dropped morsels, saving parents the hassle of constant cleanup and potential outfit changes.

👗 Extra-Long for Superior Coverage:

We've extended the length for a reason! Our bib ensures that spills don't go down to laps, reducing laundry loads and ensuring your child's clothes stay as pristine as they were pre-meal.

🌿 Skin-Friendly & Durable Material:

Made from materials gentle on your baby's delicate skin, this bib promises longevity, standing up to the rigours of daily use without losing its charm.

🔗 Adjustable & Secure Neck Closure:

No more bibs that slip and slide! Our adjustable neck closure means the bib stays in place, accommodating your growing child and ensuring a snug fit every time.

🌀 Hassle-Free Cleanup:

Busy parents will love the easy maintenance. Whether you choose a quick wipe-down or a machine wash, it's designed for real-life parenting, making post-meal cleanup a breeze.

For today's modern parent, balancing style and functionality is key. Our Extra-Long Friendly Monster Bib ensures your child is mealtime-ready while giving parents the peace of mind and ease they deserve. 💖🍽️👶

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Darrin Harvey

Perfect! The front part can be washing or wiping. Fast Delivery

Betsy Rodriguez

Very cute I love

Joe Windler

It’s better than in picture! Beautiful and fantastic quality. Well made and smart design!!! Only downfall is that it took almost 3 months to arrive! Ordered early Feb and received last day of April. Regardless, worth the wait.

Danyka Stokes

A product that I recommend to 100%, when my baby started to eat by itself, occurs was ideal

Armani Jacobson

Very nice