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Premium Car Seat/Stroller Bag for Air Travel

Premium Car Seat/Stroller Bag for Air Travel

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Discover the Ultimate Pram & Car Seat Bag for Air Travel

Embark on stress-free family adventures with Little Travellers Pram & Car Seat Bag for Air Travel, your premium solution for seamless travel with little ones. Designed for the modern family on the go, this car seat/stroller bag is the epitome of convenience and style, making it an indispensable accessory for every trip.

Unrivalled Protection for Your Travel Stroller and More

Protect your baby's travel essentials from the rigours of flying, from the airport to the airplane and beyond. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our bag is built to withstand the challenges of family travel, ensuring your stroller, car seat, and baby gear arrive at your destination just as they were packed—clean, safe, and ready for use.

Effortless Mobility: A Breeze Through Airports

With its innovative backpack design, the Ternx Carry Essential transforms carrying your baby's gear into a hands-free, hassle-free experience. Its sturdy, comfy straps allow you to navigate through busy terminals, manage your carry-on luggage, and keep your toddlers close—all without skipping a beat. The vibrant, easily identifiable design cuts through the clutter of baggage claims, offering a swift, stress-free retrieval process.

Gate Check Perfection: Secure and Organised

Say goodbye to the stressful, last-minute gate-check scramble. Our bag's quick stow-and-go feature fits a wide range of gear, from travel strollers to prams and car seats, ensuring everything is secure and covered. Whether you're flying solo with your child or with your partner, this bag simplifies the process, letting you focus on the joy of the journey.

Built for the Bold, Adventurous Family

The Ternx Carry Essential isn't just a bag; it's a travel revolution for families. Waterproof, sturdy, and stylish, it's designed for everyday use and the extraordinary demands of travel. From city breaks to international escapades, it's your family's passport to a fun, amazing, and secure travel experience.

Elevate Your Family Travel Experience

Invest in this trialled-and-tested Car Seat and Travel Stroller Bag and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your precious baby gear is safe. Our mission is to enhance your travel experience, ensuring it's nothing but fun and memorable moments with your kids. With glowing feedback from parents across Australia, we're confident in our promise of quality and convenience.


  • Folded size: 9.8* 9.8*2.2 inch (25*2 *4cm)
  • Open size: 33.4*17.7*17.7 inch ( 85*45*45cm)
  • Material: Premium 300D Oxford cloth with Youli coating for extra durability
  • Colour: Sleek black for a stylish, sophisticated look
  • Weight: A lightweight 490g, designed for easy carry and storage

For those who value convenience, safety, and style in their family travel gear, this carry essential is your go-to choice. Ready to make your next trip with your baby or toddler a breeze? Click to add to your cart and start your stress-free travel adventure today.

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