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Wooden Colour Matching Puzzle: Ocean Adventure (3+ years)

Wooden Colour Matching Puzzle: Ocean Adventure (3+ years)

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🐬 Dive into the Deep Blue:

Submerge into a vibrant underwater world with our Wooden Colour Matching Puzzle. With captivating illustrations of a playful dolphin, a graceful seahorse, a shimmering starfish, and other friendly fish, this puzzle immerses your child in the wonders of the ocean depths.

🎨 Colour Coordination Exploration:

Crafted to refine your child's colour recognition abilities, each puzzle piece is paired with a unique oceanic background hue. Delight in watching your young one master the art of matching the lively pieces to their designated shades while enhancing their visual and cognitive dexterity.

🪵 High-quality Craftsmanship: 

Immerse yourself in a secure and enjoyable playtime with this puzzle crafted from durable wood. Each marine creature's stunning and intricate details beautifully contrast against the vibrant backgrounds, providing a mesmerizing visual experience.

⚠️ Safety First:

While the puzzle provides boundless maritime fun, your child's safety remains our top concern. The set includes small components that could be a choking hazard. Thus, we recommend this puzzle for children aged 3 and up, always under adult watch.

Gift your child a delightful voyage into the heart of the ocean with this Wooden Colour Matching Puzzle. It's more than just a game; it's an expedition to the magical marine world!

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