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Unlock the Fun: Top Family Holiday Package Deals for a Memorable Getaway

Looking for a family holiday that caters to all ages? Our handpicked selection of family getaways offers fun, flexibility, and affordability, ensuring that your next holiday is one to remember.

Discovering the Best Family Holiday Packages

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Family holidays are all about shared experiences and creating cherished memories. That’s where personalised planning assistance comes in, helping choose destinations and activities tailored to your family’s interests, ensuring enjoyment for everyone. Family holiday packages from Flight Centre, HelloWorld Travel and other travel agencies in Australia cater to all age groups, ensuring your little ones are as thrilled with the theme park visits as the adults with the day trips and in-resort activities.

The beauty of family-friendly holiday packages are their discounts and flexibility where everything is organised for you from flights, to transfers and accommodations. You only have to get to the airport and enjoy the trip. With a wide variety of destinations and experiences, you can pick and choose to suit your family’s needs. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or beach lover, there’s a family holiday package bound to create unforgettable memories.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Photo of a beach resort

When looking for a stress-free family holiday, all-inclusive resorts are a top choice.

Here is a global selection of top all-inclusive family resorts with amazing guest reviews:

  • The Westin Reserva Conchal, Costa Rica: Set on Costa Rica’s North Pacific Riviera, it features one of the largest freshwater pools in Central America, various sports facilities, and a kids club offering a range of activities​.
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, Fiji: An eco-friendly resort with a focus on marine life, offering guided reef walks, kayaking, and a kids club with a dedicated nanny or buddy system​.
  • Club Med Bali, Indonesia: Offers a comprehensive all-inclusive experience with entertainment for kids up to age 17, a range of dining options, and activities for the whole family on one of Nusa Dua's loveliest beaches​.
  • Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach, Bahamas: A kid-friendly resort with a plethora of activities including water sports, a spa, and various dining options​.
  • Arena Island Resort in Palawan, Philippines: Offers a serene beach experience with modern amenities, where activities like snorkelling showcase vibrant coral reefs​.
  • Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, Fiji: Located on the Island Viti Levu, this resort offers all-day meimei nanny services, personal butlers, a kids club and an adventure park​.
  • Intercontinental Bali Resort, Indonesia: At this 5-star resort, families can learn traditional net fishing and kite-making, and when the grown-ups need a break, the Planet Trekkers kids’ club instructs four- to 12-year-olds in Balinese dance, Bahasa language and the art of preparing traditional Balinese offerings. There’s also a professional nanny service for children under four.
  • Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso, Bali, Indonesia: This resort is serious about   families as it dedicates an entire wing to them. Little ones will love the mini water park, slides and water jets, while bigger kids can try their hand at rock-climbing, kayaking and boxing. Families can also rent bicycles or stage their own concert in one of the resort’s two karaoke rooms. 

      Cruise Holidays

      cruise ship for families

      Cruising is not just an adventure for adults but a treasure trove of fun for kids too. Whether you're planning to soak up some sun, dive into a book, or enjoy a peaceful dinner, knowing your little ones are entertained and safe makes all the difference. Here's a streamlined guide to kids’ clubs across various cruise lines, designed to help you and your children get the most out of your holiday.

      What You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Kids’ Clubs:

      Mother with daughter on a cruise ship

      Kids’ clubs on cruise ships are magical places where children can mingle with peers, engage in age-appropriate activities, and explore their interests under the supervision of trained staff. Before we dive into the specifics, remember that most clubs require children to be fully toilet trained. Now, let’s explore what some of the major cruise lines offer:

      • Carnival Cruises delights with clubs for ages 2 through 17, ensuring everyone from toddlers to teens has a place to call their own. For parents seeking a night out, the ‘Night Owls’ babysitting service is a fantastic option, available for a small fee.
      • Celebrity Cruises caters to the youngest guests, even those under 3, though they must be accompanied by you. Their babysitting service in the Fun Factory lets you enjoy some adult time, knowing your kids are having fun safely.
      • Disney Cruises brings the magic to life for kids aged 3 to 17, with group babysitting available for the youngest guests at ‘It’s a Small World Nursery’. It's Disney, so expect everything to be extra special!
      • MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line both offer a range of clubs for various age groups. While MSC doesn’t provide babysitting, Norwegian’s ‘Late Night Fun Zone’ ensures that parents can enjoy the nightlife worry-free.
      • Cruises Australia and Princess Cruises both offer engaging clubs for kids and teens, with babysitting services that allow parents to savour some alone time during the evening.

        Travelling with Infants?

        Be mindful of the minimum age requirements which vary depending on your cruise line and itinerary. It's always best to check directly with your chosen line to ensure your littlest ones can join in on the fun. In most instances, children are only permitted to participate in the kids club facilities if they are fully toilet trained (no nappies or pull-ups) and they must be able to independently use the bathroom. 

        Final Thoughts:

        Cruise ships are designed to be a haven of fun for kids of all ages, offering everything from arts and crafts to pirate adventures. While the kids are off making memories, you can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation or adventure onboard. Always check the specific details with your cruise line to make the most of these services and ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for the whole family.

        Adventure Tours

        Tropical rain forest in Costa Rica

        For those families with an adventurous spirit, adventure tours offer a unique blend of excitement, education, and exploration. Some travel agencies offer tailored adventure packages for families such as Intrepid

        • Vietnam: This Vietnam Family Holiday offers a 13-day adventure filled with cultural immersion and natural beauty. Families will sail the stunning Halong Bay, watch traditional water puppets in Hanoi, and explore the rich history of Hue. They'll have a chance to get outfits tailor-made in Hoi An and possibly take a dip in the Vietnam East Sea. The trip includes a mix of activities and leisure time, with opportunities to support local causes and enjoy the diverse cuisine. It's an engaging way to experience Vietnam's highlights, making it memorable for the whole family

        • Costa Rica: This Costa Rica Family Holiday is a 10-day adventure, inviting families to experience the country's lush biodiversity and warm culture. It includes a homestay where families can cook with locals, explore the Manuel Antonio National Park to spot sloths and monkeys, and traverse the Monteverde cloud forest via suspended bridges. Relaxation comes with thermal springs near Arenal Volcano and pristine beaches. This trip balances active exploration with leisure, providing a deep dive into Costa Rica's natural wonders

        • Morocco: This Morocco Family Holiday Comfort is a 10-day adventure blending cultural experiences and scenic beauty. Families will explore the vibrant cities of Casablanca and Fes, witness the grandeur of the Atlas Mountains, experience the magic of a night under the stars in the Sahara Desert, and enjoy the ancient kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. Highlights include camel riding, sharing mint tea with locals, and navigating the bustling markets and historic sites. This trip offers a comfortable way to discover Morocco's diverse landscapes and rich culture, ensuring memorable experiences for the whole family​.

        A sloth in Costa Rica

        Adventure tours are not only about the wildlife. They also offer cultural richness through real-world experiences like tuk-tuk rides through Bangkok, exploring the art and music of Ubud in Bali, and staying at eco-friendly lodges like Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador. Plus, with Intrepid Travel’s family adventure holidays, you’re not just joining an action-packed trip, but you’re also well looked after.

        Unforgettable Destinations for Family Holidays

        Kids jumping in the air on their family holiday

        Australia is a treasure trove of family holiday destinations. Each location offers unique attractions and activities, from the hustle and bustle of vibrant cities to the serene calm of tranquil island retreats. Some popular family holiday destinations in Australia include:

        • Tasmania is ideal for a campervan adventure, offering dramatic wilderness, exciting cities, hiking trails, wildlife spotting, and a variety of water-based activities.
        • Rottnest Island (WA), a car-free environment where families can enjoy cycling, snorkelling, and meeting the friendly quokkas
        • Wilsons Promontory National Park (VIC), known for its stunning beaches, hiking trails, and abundant wildlife

          Australia presents a smorgasbord of experiences that cater to all family interests.

          Budget-Friendly Family Accommodation Options

          Family holidays don’t have to break the bank. With some savvy planning and insider tips, you can save on family lodging and still enjoy a fabulous holiday. From kids stay free deals and holiday home rentals to package discounts and special offers, there are plenty of ways to make your family holiday more affordable.

          Let’s delve into some budget-friendly family accommodation options that ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Remember, a well-planned family holiday doesn’t mean skimping on the fun or comfort. It’s all about making smart choices and taking advantage of the best deals available.

          Kids Stay Free Deals

          A family going to Legoland together

          One way to save on family accommodation is by taking advantage of ‘kids stay free’ promotions offered by various hotels and resorts. For example, Kingfisher Bay Resort offers a ‘Kids Travel, Stay & Eat for FREE’ deal, which includes accommodation, ferry travel, breakfast and dinner for kids aged 4 to 14 when accompanied by a paying adult.

          But it’s not just Kingfisher Bay Resort. Several other resorts and hotels offer similar deals. Choice Hotels, for instance, offers a ‘Kids Stay Free’ promotion where children 12 and younger can stay free when sharing the same room as their parents or grandparents. Just remember to check these offers' specific terms and conditions to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your family holiday.

          Home Rentals and Holiday Apartments

          If you’re looking for a home away from home, consider holiday home or apartment rentals. These offer the luxury of staying together as a family with the added benefit of private spaces and gardens. Plus, renting a holiday home can often be more cost-effective for accommodating larger families than booking multiple hotel rooms.

          Holiday rentals offer a range of amenities to make your family holiday more comfortable and convenient, including:

          • Well-equipped kitchens
          • Internet connections
          • Separate bedrooms
          • Access to laundry facilities
          • Secure off-street parking

            These amenities provide the flexibility to prepare meals anytime and ensure a comfortable stay for your family.

            Package Discounts and Special Offers

            Finally, don’t forget to look out for sales events, loyalty programs, and opportunities to bundle services when booking your family holiday package. Events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday can provide opportunities to book family holiday packages with significant discounts.

            Membership in travel company loyalty programs can also lead to exclusive package discounts and special offers not available to the general public. And don’t forget to use price comparison websites to help you find and compare the best deals on holiday packages across various travel providers. Every little saving helps when planning a budget-friendly family holiday.

            Water Park Adventures for the Whole Family

            Mum and daughter at a water park

            For a splash of fun on your family holiday, why not combine water park attractions with your family holiday package? Imagine the smiles on your kids’ faces as they slide down towering water slides or splash around in kiddie splash zones. From the Aqua Nick water park at Nickelodeon Resorts Riviera Maya in Mexico to Wet ‘n’ Wild water park on the Gold Coast, water parks offer a fun and exhilarating experience for the whole family.

            But it’s not just about the water parks at well-known resorts. There are also hidden gems that offer water park fun combined with comfortable family accommodation. Let’s dive in and see what these water park adventures have to offer!

            BIG4 Holiday Resorts (Australia)

            BIG4 Holiday Resorts are a popular choice for families, offering comfortable accommodations and exciting water park facilities, including swimming pools. For example, BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park boasts a water park with features like a giant tipping bucket, slides, and a kiddie splash zone.

            Meanwhile, BIG4 Sandstone Point Holiday Resort is home to a water park equipped with interactive water play areas, slides, and a large pool area. Whether you’re a toddler or a teenager, the water parks at BIG4 Holiday Resorts promise a splashing good time for everyone!

            Plantation Island Resort's Inflatable Waterpark (Fiji)

            For a unique water park experience, check out the inflatable waterpark at Plantation Island Resort. This waterpark features six action-packed modules designed for family entertainment, including the Action Tower and Aqua Trampoline.

            It’s a fun-filled aquatic adventure that will make a splash on your family holiday!

            Tips for a Stress-Free Family Holiday

            Mum with baby on the plane

            While family holidays are undeniably fun, they can also be a bit stressful with all the planning, packing, and keeping the kids entertained during travel. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some handy tips to ensure your family holiday is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

            It's all about smart planning and flexibility, from packing essentials and keeping kids entertained to balancing relaxation and adventure. So, let’s dive into these tips and make your next family holiday the best and most stress-free yet!

            Expert Tips for Packing for a Family Holiday

            overflowing holiday suitcase

            Packing for a family holiday efficiently requires strategic planning and smart packing techniques. Begin with a comprehensive packing list tailored to each family member, incorporating all essentials from clothing to entertainment. Opt for versatile, layer-able clothing in neutral colours to maximise outfit combinations while minimizing bulk. Utilise packing cubes to organise items by category or person, significantly easing both packing and unpacking processes.

            use of travel cubes in luggage

            Embrace travel-sized toiletries and consider shared items to save space; remember, many accommodations provide basic toiletries. Anticipate laundry opportunities for longer trips to further reduce the clothing count.

            Digital entertainment options can save considerable space, so preload tablets or smartphones with games, movies, and books, and don't forget chargers and portable battery packs. Include compact, versatile toys and games for children. A small first aid kit, healthy snacks, and refillable water bottles are essentials for handling unexpected situations and keeping everyone satisfied during transit.

            Encourage family members, especially children, to participate in packing their belongings, fostering a sense of responsibility and ensuring they have their favourite items.

            After the trip, reflect on the packing choices to identify areas for improvement for future travels. By following these expert tips, families can streamline their packing process, ensuring a more organised and enjoyable holiday experience while leaving room for souvenirs and new memories.

            Keeping Kids Entertained During Travel

            Kids reading on the beach during their family holiday

            Keeping kids entertained during travel can be a bit of a challenge. But with a bit of creativity and planning, you can turn travel time into a fun time. Assemble a ‘family pack’ with games and toys, a ‘dinner pack’ with new books and creative materials, and include favourite items for comfort.

            Consider incorporating a variety of activities such as:

            • a travel box with creative supplies
            • road trip games
            • scavenger hunts
            • family quizzes
            • imaginative play with pipe cleaners and magnets

              Balancing Relaxation and Adventure

              A successful family holiday strikes a balance between relaxation and adventure. Engaging all family members in choosing activities ensures a mix of everyone’s interests, achieving a balance of relaxation and adventure.

              Remember to incorporate sufficient rest within your holiday plan to maintain energy levels and optimise the enjoyment of scheduled activities. Limiting the number of daily activities can prevent a hectic schedule and allow for a fuller experience of each planned event or location.

              And don’t forget to designate days to relax with no firm plans, providing opportunities for impromptu activities and downtime, like enjoying the resort amenities or local explorations.


              Family holidays are more than just a break from the routine. They’re about creating unforgettable memories, strengthening family bonds, and exploring new places together. Whether you choose an all-inclusive resort, a cruise holiday, or an adventure tour, whether you head to the vibrant city of Sydney, the tropical Queensland coast, or the serene beaches of Bali, there’s a perfect family holiday package waiting for you. So, start planning, pack wisely, keep the kids entertained, and strike the right balance between relaxation and adventure. Here’s to your next memorable family getaway!

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Which part of Australia is best for family holidays?

              While there are many destinations that come to mind, the Gold Coast in Queensland stands out as an ideal destination for family holidays. Renowned for its stunning beaches, the area offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Families can enjoy a wide range of activities, from swimming and surfing at Surfers Paradise to exploring numerous theme parks like Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, and Dreamworld, offering entertainment for all ages. The Gold Coast also boasts lush national parks for hiking and wildlife encounters, ensuring a rich, nature-based experience. With its warm climate year-round, it caters to outdoor activities and water sports, making it a versatile choice for families looking to balance relaxation with adventure. Additionally, the region offers a variety of family-friendly accommodations and dining options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for visitors of all ages.

              What are the benefits of an all-inclusive resort for a family holiday?

              All-inclusive resorts provide luxury, convenience, and savings for families, including meals, drinks, and activities in the overall cost. They also offer diverse activities and dining options suitable for all age groups. Perfect for a relaxing family holiday!

              What activities can families enjoy on a cruise holiday?

              Families can enjoy various activities on a cruise holiday, such as thrilling slides, diverse dining, Broadway-style shows, and age-specific activities for kids. So, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

              Are there budget-friendly accommodation options for families?

              Yes, families can find budget-friendly accommodation options such as 'kids stay free' deals, holiday home rentals, and special package discounts. You'll surely find something that fits your budget and needs!

              How can I keep my kids entertained during travel?

              Hey there, to keep your kids entertained during travel, you can put together a "family pack" with games and toys, including a travel box with creative supplies, road trip games, and scavenger hunts, and also involve them in travel breaks and map reading. Happy travels!

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