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The Top 6 Games and Toys That Keep Toddlers Entertained While Travelling

I’m in the midst of planning for a 24-hour plane trip with my toddler to Europe in a couple of months and only the thought of having to keep him sitting still in his seat for such a long stretch already gives me minor panic attacks.

Travelling with a toddler is daunting, especially when facing the challenge of occupying their attention for an extended period. Keeping these little people entertained in one spot can be tricky, whether it’s a long car ride, a train journey, or a plane ride.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After hours of research, talking to mum friends and some trial and error on shorter trips, I will share the top 6 games and toys that (hopefully) keep your child entertained while on the road or up in the air.

#1 Lightweight, Versatile Toys That Foster Imaginative Play

One of the best ways to keep toddlers entertained while travelling is by choosing small, lightweight toys that foster imaginative play. These toys could be dolls, action figures, or any toy your little one loves playing with. The key is to choose toys that encourage creativity and can be used in multiple ways. For example, small animal figurines can be used for wild safari adventures, jungle treks, or even farmyard fun.

#2 Magnetic Drawing Boards

Magnetic drawing boards are a fantastic toy for entertaining little ones while travelling. They provide hours of entertainment and can be used endlessly. Toddlers can draw, erase, and redraw to their heart's content without making any mess. These boards are lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for long car rides or plane trips.

#3 Colourful Building Blocks

Colourful building blocks are also excellent for long-term play fun for toddlers while helping them develop their motor skills. They are versatile toys that can be used in various ways. Toddlers can stack and knock them over, create towers, or use them to build imaginary cities or castles. Plus, they are easy to pack, lightweight and perfect for taking on the go.

#4 Sticker Books

Sticker books are a brilliant way to keep little ones busy while creating stories and putting the stickers in the right place. They are easy to carry, and countless themes are available, from animals and nature to superheroes and princesses. Sticker books are an excellent option for both boys and girls and can be used to teach alphabets, numbers, and shapes.

#5 Colouring Books

Colouring books are also great fun for toddlers on long journeys. My favourite options are water colouring books or reusable doodling books that can easily get wiped clean and prevent spills and stains. They are compact, can be used multiple times and can keep toddlers entertained for hours on end.

#6 Puzzles

Puzzles are fantastic for keeping little ones engaged by creating fun challenges. Choose puzzles that are age-appropriate for your toddler, and make sure they are not too complicated. Puzzles made from wood or with huge puzzle pieces provide entertainment and help with cognitive development and problem-solving skills.


I hope these 6 toys and game ideas have provided you with some new inspiration for the next personalised onboard entertainment program for your child. We know that it will likely not be the most relaxing hours of your life even if you were taking all of the toys in this world. There likely will be smaller or larger tantrums along the way. But with a positive mindset, good preparation and a well-curated selection of toys and games; you will arrive at the other end less stressed and ready to enjoy the family vacation with lots of great memories waiting just around the corner. Happy Travels!

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