Packing List for Overseas Holidays with Your Baby [Printable Checklist]

Packing List for Overseas Holidays with Your Baby [Printable Checklist]

Travelling overseas with a baby under 12 months can be challenging, but with a well-planned packing list, you can make it easier. Here is a comprehensive packing list that should cover most of your little one's needs:

Hand luggage essentials:

  1. Nappies: Pack enough until you can visit a local shop. Plan for at least eight to ten nappies daily, depending on your baby's age and needs. You may also want to pack some nappy rash cream.
  2. Wipes: Pack plenty of wipes to clean up messes and spills.
  3. Portable change mat: A portable change mat with extra pockets for nappies and wipes makes nappy changes much more effortless.
  4. Formula in dispensers (if applicable): Bring enough formula that lasts until you can access more formula at your destination or when you return. Not all types of formulas are available globally.
  5. Bottles: Pack enough sterilised bottles that last until you arrive at your holiday destination. You can fill these bottles with pre-boiled water if you don’t want to depend on flight attendants.
  6. Baby food: If your baby has started eating solid food, pack enough baby food for the duration of your trip.
  7. Blankets: Bring a couple of blankets for your baby to use as a play mat or to keep them warm. Planes can get pretty cold at times.
  8. Clothes: During your trip with your little one, comfort and simplicity are key! Pack multiple jumpsuits (depending on the duration of your flight), and don’t prepare for a fashion show with bubs.
  9. Baby carrier: A baby carrier is a lifesaver when getting on and off the plane, especially when flying solo with bubs.
  10. Sleeping bag: If your baby is used to sleeping with a sleeping bag, pack one to keep them cosy during sleep and nap times.
  11. Toys: Bring a couple of their favourite toys to keep boredom at bay during long flights.
  12. First aid kit: Pack a first aid kit with items like a baby pain reliever, thermometer, prescription medication and bandages.
  13. Passport and visas: Ensure you have a valid passport and any necessary visas for you and your baby.
  14. Travel documents: Keep all your travel documents, such as flight tickets and hotel reservations, in a safe and easily accessible place. I have been using the app TripIt for years, which is fantastic, especially if you have a multi-stop itinerary.

Checked-in luggage:

  1. Clothes: Pack enough weather-appropriate clothes for your baby to have at least two to three outfits daily until you can wash or are back home. Don't forget hats and socks.
  2. Sunscreen: If you're travelling to a sunny destination, pack sunscreen that is safe for babies.
  3. Travel stroller: A compact stroller will make getting around with your baby much more manageable (Visit my blog article for more information about how to choose the right travel stroller)
  4. Baby toys: Bring a few toys to keep your baby entertained during travel and downtime.
  5. Dummies & dummy strap: If your baby uses a pacifier, pack a few extras, and a dummy case to keep them clean while out and about. Don’t forget a strap to prevent the dummy from dropping on the ground while out and about.
  6. Sterilising bags or tablets: Depending on your preference, pack Milton sterilising tablets or microwave steam steriliser bags
  7. Travel cot/Portacot: If a baby bed is unavailable at your destination, consider bringing a travel cot.
  8. Baby monitor: A baby monitor will allow you to keep an ear on your baby while in another room. Some great ones, such as the Hello Baby brand on Amazon, don’t cost an arm and a leg and don’t require Wifi.
  9. Voltage converter and adapter: If you're travelling to a country with a different voltage system or plug type, bring a voltage converter and adapter to charge your baby's electronic devices.
  10. Baby-safe insect repellent: If you're travelling to a place with mosquitoes or other biting insects, pack a baby-safe insect repellent.
  11. Comfort items: Bring your baby's comfort items, such as a favourite blanket, a white noise machine or a stuffed animal.

Remember to research the destination you're travelling to, especially regarding the weather, culture, and local customs, to ensure you're fully prepared for your trip with your baby. Also, check with your airline regarding their policies on bringing baby items on board, especially regarding the size and number of items allowed.

Please comment below if you think I forgot an item on my list! 

Here is the packing list to download, print and tick off:

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