Guide for Family Caravanning Adventures in New South Wales: Explore the Best Parks

Guide for Family Caravanning Adventures in New South Wales: Explore the Best Parks

Setting out for a family adventure in the heart of New South Wales (NSW) is an experience like no other. Whether it's the iconic coastline, majestic Blue Mountains, or the vibrant heart of Sydney, travelling in a caravan or campervan lets you capture every scenic moment with the ones you love.

But remember, a great caravan park can be the cherry on your NSW adventure.

This article will discuss the significance of choosing a family-friendly caravan park and showcase 5 of New South Wales's top family caravan parks.

Seatbelts on? Let's dive into the scenic beauty of NSW!

Caravan parked by the beach

Why New South Wales?

New South Wales offers diverse destinations, each brimming with unique adventures. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the tranquil vibes of Byron Bay, NSW provides a medley of experiences for every family.

Journeying through the scenic Pacific Highway is like flipping through a colourful magazine of breathtaking views. The pristine beaches, snowy mountains, the lush hinterlands, and the coastal towns are just some of the gems NSW has to offer.

For a historical twist, venture into the colonial town of Bathurst, where every brick and stone narrates tales of yesteryears. The Bathurst Goldfields offer a glimpse into the gold rush era, letting your family soak in some heritage.

The Blue Mountains, with its misty eucalyptus forests, picturesque valleys, and rugged cliffs, unveils nature's artwork at its best.

Many caravan parks in NSW offer a cozy retreat, allowing families to bask in the state's diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures. Whether it's the golden shores of Coffs Harbour or the vintage charm of Mudgee, every corner of NSW has a story to tell.

The Significance of Family-Friendly Caravan Parks in NSW

A family-friendly caravan park can make a huge difference when caravanning with a family. From ensuring your children's safety to providing amenities that cater to the young and old, such parks are designed to amplify your holiday experience.

Playgrounds and kids' clubs are essential in these parks, allowing your little ones to mingle, play and make new friends while you kick back and relax.

Swimming pools are often the centrepiece, with many parks offering kid-friendly pools and splash zones. Perfect for cooling off during the Aussie summers!

The proximity to local attractions ensures minimal travel time, letting you maximise your exploration. And if you're near shops and cafes, it's a bonus!

A family-friendly caravan park in NSW promises memorable experiences and unparalleled comfort for every family member.

A family sitting outside their caravan in a caravan park in new south wales

Top 5 Family-Friendly Caravan Parks in New South Wales

Embarking on a caravan journey in the picturesque landscapes of New South Wales (NSW) is a gateway to unending fun, nature's pristine beauty, and a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle. From the serene shores of the North Coast to the lush wilderness of the South Coast, NSW's caravan parks are a haven for families seeking adventure and tranquillity. Here are our top 5 picks that stand out as the best family holiday parks for your next caravanning escapade:

Park 1: Byron Bay Discovery Parks

Adventure Water playground at Byron Bay Discovery Parks


Nestled just a heartbeat from the emblematic Byron Bay Lighthouse, the Byron Bay Discovery Parks unveils a world where the rhythmic whispers of the ocean waves meet modern comfort. The park is a treasure trove of amenities tailored for families. Dive into the heated pool to escape the summer heat, or let the kids run wild in the adventure playground that promises hours of laughter and fun. Whether you fancy the cozy ambience of a cabin or the rustic charm of camping sites, the variety of accommodation options caters to every family's preference. The park also boasts a games room, perfect for family-friendly competitions that will be remembered for years. The well-maintained caravan sites offer a secure haven for your caravan, setting the stage for an unforgettable family holiday.

Luxury Cabins and Safari Tents: For families looking to add a touch of luxury to their caravan adventure, the park's luxury cabins and safari tents offer a serene retreat with all the comforts of home. Immerse in the safari tents' rustic elegance or enjoy the luxury cabins' modern amenities; the choice is yours.

Nearby Attractions:

The charm of Byron Bay extends beyond the caravan park. Stroll through the hippie streets laden with quaint boutiques and eclectic eateries where you can indulge in the local cuisines. As the day breaks, the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse awaits, offering a mesmerising sunrise view that paints the sky with hues of hope and warmth. The nearby Mill Beach is a sanctuary for those who seek the rhythmic lull of the ocean waves. And for the active souls, the mountain bike trails around Byron Bay provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure amidst nature's splendour.

Events and Kids Activities: During the school holidays, the park often organises kids' activities to keep the little ones engaged and entertained. Every day, from arts and crafts to mini-golf tournaments, promises new adventures.


With its prime location, modern facilities, and the enchanting vibes and stunning beaches of Byron Bay, Byron Bay Discovery Parks stands as one of the best holiday parks NSW has to offer. So, pack your bags and let the waves guide you to this gem on the North Coast. Your family's tale of adventure, laughter, and relaxation awaits.

As we venture further into the heart of NSW, more family-friendly caravan parks beckon, each with a unique narrative and a promise of unforgettable memories. Stay tuned as we unveil more of NSW's best caravan parks in our upcoming sections.

Park 2: NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park

Water playground at NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park


Nestled in the Northern Beaches, the NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park blends city accessibility and natural tranquility. The park offers waterfront views that make for a calm and serene setting. The modern play areas within the park are well-designed, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play in.

The accommodation options are diverse, catering to different preferences and budgets. From comfortable cabins to well-kept caravan sites and camping spots, there's a choice for everyone. The park ensures a secure and pleasant stay for all its guests.

Water Park and Swimming Pool Complex: One of the park's notable features is its water park and swimming pool complex. The heated pool is a lovely spot for a relaxing swim, while the resort pool provides an excellent escape during warmer days. The indoor heated splash park entertains little ones, providing a playful water experience.

Mini Golf and Games Room: The mini golf course is a fun spot for a friendly family competition. The games room, with arcade games and pool tables, provides indoor entertainment for kids and adults.

Nearby Attractions:

The park's strategic waterfront location on the mid-north coast allows easy access to some of Sydney's iconic landmarks. A short drive will take you to the heart of Sydney, where you can visit the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The Taronga Zoo is also nearby, offering the family a fun, educational day out.

Hunter Valley Gardens: A bit of a drive from the park, the Hunter Valley Gardens is a beautiful place to explore, with well-maintained gardens that provide a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle.


NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park is a good choice for families looking to explore Sydney while staying in a peaceful, natural setting. Its proximity to the city and the variety of facilities within the park make it a convenient and enjoyable base for a family holiday in New South Wales. With a mix of modern amenities and natural beauty, it's a place where families can relax and have fun while exploring the nearby attractions.

Park 3: BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster-Tuncurry

Kids pool at BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster-Tuncurry


Situated with a prime view over the clear waters of Wallis Lake, BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster-Tuncurry offers a variety of amenities that cater to families. The splash park provides a fun place for kids to play and cool off, while the mini-golf course provides a relaxed activity for the whole family to enjoy. The outdoor cinema nights are unique, providing a delightful experience of watching movies under the stars in a charming community setting.

The accommodation options range from cabins to caravan sites and camping spots, offering a choice for every family's preference and budget. The park is well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests.

Games Room and Playground: Besides the splash park and mini-golf, there's a games room filled with various games to keep the family entertained during your stay. The outdoor playground is another spot where kids can burn off some energy and make new friends.

Nearby Attractions:

The twin towns of Forster-Tuncurry are just a short drive away, offering a change of scenery and a glimpse into the local lifestyle. Water sports enthusiasts will find a variety of activities to indulge in, from jet skiing to paddleboarding. The calm waters of Wallis Lake provide a safe and enjoyable environment for such activities. For those looking to relax, the lakeside is a serene spot to unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings.


BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster-Tuncurry is a family-friendly caravan park with fun activities and relaxation opportunities. Its location near Wallis Lake and the twin towns of Forster-Tuncurry makes it a convenient base for exploring the local area. With a range of facilities within the park and nearby attractions, it offers a balanced and enjoyable family holiday experience in New South Wales. Whether playing mini-golf, enjoying a movie under the stars, or exploring the nearby towns, there's something for everyone at BIG4 Great Lakes.

Park 4: BIG4 Park Beach Holiday Park

Kids pool at BIG4 Park Beach Holiday Park New South Wales


BIG4 Park Beach Holiday Park, situated close to the shoreline, is a treasure trove of amenities for families. The park hosts a splash park that promises fun-filled hours for the little ones, while adults can relax in the resort pool. The park also features a playground, ensuring a space for children to engage in active play. An adventure playground is another feature that sets this park apart, providing a thrilling outlet for older kids. The camp kitchen is fully equipped, making meal preparations easy and enjoyable.

Accommodation options cater to a variety of preferences, offering cabin accommodation, caravan sites, and camping spots. The well-maintained facilities ensure a comfortable stay for all guests.

Nearby Attractions:

The proximity to Coffs Harbour opens up a plethora of attractions. The famous Big Banana is a short drive away, offering fun activities and a quirky photo opportunity. Additionally, the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park is close by, providing an interactive and educational experience with marine life. The Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery is another nearby attraction where you can appreciate local art.


BIG4 Park Beach Holiday Park is a wonderful choice for families looking to have a relaxed yet enjoyable caravan holiday. Its range of on-site facilities, coupled with the nearby attractions of Coffs Harbour, makes it a convenient and appealing option for a family getaway. Whether you are splashing around in the water park, exploring the local attractions, or simply enjoying the beach, this caravan park provides a great base for a memorable family holiday in New South Wales.

Park 5: Ingenia Holidays South West Rocks

Kids pool at Ingenia Holidays South West Rocks New South Wales


Ingenia Holidays South West Rocks is a pleasant retreat near the tranquil shores of Trial Bay. The park offers a water park that provides hours of fun for kids and adults. A well-maintained playground is also available within the park premises, providing a safe space for kids to play and interact. One of the significant advantages of this park is its easy access to the nearby beach, allowing for spontaneous beach outings and a chance to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

The park has various accommodation options to suit different family needs and budgets. Whether you prefer cabin accommodation or you've brought along your caravan or tent, you'll find a suitable spot to settle in.

Nearby Attractions:

The historic Trial Bay Gaol is a short distance from the park, offering a glimpse into the area's past. It's an intriguing place for those interested in local history. South West Rocks also provides an excellent opportunity for snorkelling in its calm waters. The underwater scenery is beautiful, making it a rewarding experience for both seasoned snorkelers and beginners.


During their caravan holiday, Ingenia Holidays South West Rocks is a nice choice for families seeking fun, relaxation, and a touch of history. With a water park to keep the fun going, a playground for the kids, and easy beach access for everyone to enjoy, it caters to various interests. The nearby historical and natural attractions further enrich the holiday experience, making it a well-rounded option for a family getaway in New South Wales.

Tips for Caravanning in New South Wales with Kids

Embarking on a caravanning adventure through the scenic landscapes of New South Wales (NSW) with kids is a journey filled with laughter, learning, and a little bit of the unexpected. Here are some practical tips to help navigate the roads of NSW smoothly with your young adventurers:

Plan Ahead:

  • Route Planning: Plan your route, marking the key stops, rest areas, and attractions you wish to visit. Having a precise itinerary helps in managing time and expectations.

Family planning their trip on a map in their caravan in New South Wales


    Accommodation: Book your stays at family-friendly caravan parks ahead of time, especially during peak seasons like school holidays, to secure your spot.
Safety Checks:
  • Childproofing: Ensure the caravan is childproofed before setting out to prevent accidents. Secure cabinets, cover sharp edges and ensure harmful substances are out of reach.


    Supervision: Always watch your little ones, especially in unfamiliar surroundings like new caravan parks or busy attractions.


  • Activity Packs: Pack various games, books, and toys to entertain the youngsters during the journey and at the caravan parks.
  • Outdoor Exploration: Encourage outdoor play and exploration at safe and kid-friendly spots along your route.

Stick to Routine:

  • Meal and Sleep Times: As much as possible, adhere to regular meal and sleep times to keep the kids in a familiar routine, which can help minimise fussiness.

Snacks are Essential:

  • Healthy Snacks: Keep a good stock of healthy snacks handy. Snacks like cut fruits, nuts (if no allergies), and crackers are good options to curb hunger between meals.

    Stay Flexible:

    • Unplanned Stops: Be prepared for unexpected stops and changes in plan. Kids may need more frequent breaks, and a spontaneous detour to a nearby attraction could be a highlight of the trip.

    Ask Locals:

    • Local Insights: Utilise the knowledge of locals at the caravan parks or in the towns you visit to discover kid-friendly attractions, eateries, and maybe even some hidden gems. They can provide valuable suggestions on places that families would enjoy.
        Stay Relaxed:
        • Enjoy the Journey: Lastly, remember to relax and enjoy the journey. Caravanning with kids in NSW is about creating cherished memories, exploring new places, and enjoying quality family time together.

        Two kids looking through the window of the caravan

          By taking time to prepare and staying flexible along the way, your family caravanning trip through NSW can be an enjoyable and memorable adventure filled with discoveries and shared joys.


          Discover the wonders of New South Wales, with its diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and family-friendly caravan parks. Let NSW be the stage where your family's adventure unfolds. Get ready for an unforgettable caravanning experience!

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