Expert Tips on How to Get a Free Overseas Family Holiday Without Spending a Cent

Expert Tips on How to Get a Free Overseas Family Holiday Without Spending a Cent

Introduction: Unlocking the Magic of a Free Family Holiday

Imagine whisking your family away to the vibrant shores of Thailand or any destination at the top of your bucket list without spending a dime on travel.

This isn't just a daydream or scam; it's achievable using some legitimate travel hacks involving the strategic use of Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

In this guide, we'll show you how our family's everyday spending unlocked a 2-week family adventure in Phuket, Thailand - one of the world’s most family-friendly destinations - without spending a dollar for flights and accommodation. With cost of living pressures hitting hard, we thought there was no better time to share these tips with fellow travel families so everyone can fit a family holiday into a tight budget within the next 12 months. This guide will show you how to accumulate Qantas points incredibly fast without having to spend anything in addition to your daily spending. With these points, you will be able to cover flights, accommodations, and maybe a couple of holiday activities during a two-week overseas family holiday within 6-12 months.

But before we dive in...

This article is for informational purposes only and not intended as financial advice. Before making any decisions, consult with a professional financial or insurance advisor to ensure suitability for your personal situation. Eligibility for the products discussed is subject to approval by the providers, who will conduct their own verifications.

Additionally, I am not receiving compensation for any recommendations made in this article. All suggestions are unbiased and aimed to inform readers about potential ways to earn and use Qantas Points.

Chapter 1: The Example Case Study

This article will provide you with a real-life example by showing how many points you need to generate for a two-week holiday in Phuket for two adults and one child between the ages of 2 and 11 and how you can get them fast.

Doing the Maths

In this case study, we want to book a direct flight to Phuket with Jetstar for two adults and one child from October 4 to October 18. The return flights cost AU$1,758, including 20 kg of luggage for each traveller. However, there is no seat selection or in-flight food. To pay for these flights, you will require 293,186 Qantas points.

Jetstar booking form showing required Qantas Points

We plan to stay at the Dungjitt Resort, Phuket, close to Patong Beach. This 5-star, family-friendly resort has every facility a family might need. Two weeks in this beautiful resort will cost AU$2,690, which translates into 298,495 Qantas Points.

Hotel booking page on Qantas website showing required Qantas Points

This means we need 591,681 Qantas Points for this holiday dream without paying a cent.

So we better get started.

In the following chapters, we will demonstrate various high-volume point collection strategies and then turn them into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow action plan at the end.

Chapter 2: Starting Your Journey with Qantas Points

Understanding Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

Before we dive into the tips and tricks for collecting Qantas Points, we will discuss a bit more what they are and how they work overall. Traditionally, Qantas Points were mostly known as a currency for flight upgrades. These days, you can accumulate and redeem them for pretty much anything you can imagine. That's right. You can even get a toaster for your points. But besides that, they are fantastic for booking cheap or even free flights and accommodations at worldwide destinations.

By joining the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, members can earn points not only from flights but from a variety of daily activities. Whether you're shopping, insuring your possessions, getting a home loan, dining, or fueling your car, these points accumulate over time, paving the way to cover your entire family's travel expenses to exotic destinations like Thailand.

Points can be pooled into a family account, allowing you to gather rewards faster. Understanding the best ways to earn and redeem these points will help you maximise every dollar spent, turning routine purchases into the next family adventure.

Chapter 3: High-volume Qantas Point Collection Strategies

1. Credit Cards: Signing Up for the Right Ones

One of the quickest ways to accumulate Qantas Points is through strategic use of credit cards. Selecting one or two credit cards that offer lucrative sign-up bonuses and generous points on everyday purchases can significantly boost your points balance. Here are some of the best options currently available:

High-Earning Credit Cards:
  • Qantas Premier Platinum Master Card
    • Bonus Points: 60,000 Qantas Points, plus an additional 20,000 if you haven’t earned points with a card in the last 12 months.

    • Annual Fee: $399. They often reduce the annual fee to $349 for the first year when on special.
    • Points to Spend Ratio: 1 point per $1 up to $10,000 per statement period; then 0.5 points per $1 thereafter.
  • NAB Qantas Rewards Signature

    • Bonus Points: 90,000 on sign-up; an additional 30,000 after 12 months.
    • Annual Fee: $295 for the first year; $395 thereafter.
    • Points to Spend Ratio: 1 point per $1 up to $5,000; then 0.5 points per $1 from $5,001 to $20,000.
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card

    • Bonus Points: 75,000 points and $100 back when you spend $2,500 within the first three months.
    • Annual Fee: $295.
    • Points to Spend Ratio: 0.75 points per $1 up to $3,000; then 0.5 points per $1 thereafter.
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card

    • Bonus Points: 100,000 points and $250 back when you spend $5,000 in the first three months, plus an additional 30,000 after 12 months.
    • Annual Fee: $425.
    • Points to Spend Ratio: 1 point per $1 up to $7,500; then 0.5 points per $1 thereafter.
  • NAB Qantas Rewards Premium

    • Bonus Points: Earn 60,000 points when you spend $2,000 within the first 60 days, and 10,000 additional points after 12 months.
    • Annual Fee: $150 for the first year; $250 ongoing.
    • Points to Spend Ratio: 1 point per $1.50 for the first $3,000 on everyday purchases, then 1 point per $3 for the next $3,000.
Family on holidays in Thailand on the beach

Sign-Up Bonuses: Many credit cards affiliated with Qantas come with substantial sign-up bonuses that can jump-start your points balance. Sometimes, these bonuses alone can be enough to cover a return domestic flight.

Bonus Categories: Look for cards that offer bonus points on spending categories aligned with your family's habits. This ensures you're earning more points on the money you were already planning to spend.

By carefully choosing and using your credit card, every expense—from a tank of petrol to a weekly grocery haul — brings you closer to Thailand's sandy beaches or any other dream destination on your bucket list.

While credit cards offer a swift avenue to amass Qantas Points, integrating your points strategy into everyday household expenses can significantly boost your earning potential. This chapter delves into how you can turn your routine bills and insurance premiums into a ticket for your family’s dream holiday to Thailand. In the rest of this chapter, we will explore how to further maximise your Qantas Points through everyday expenses like utilities and insurance, turning ordinary outlays into extraordinary holidays.

2. Maximising Points with Your Insurance

Several insurance companies affiliated with Qantas offer points for policies purchased. The most prominent one is Qantas Insurances for obvious reasons. Here’s how you can maximise your points by moving key insurances to Qantas Insurances:

  • Health Insurance: Sign up for family health insurance with Qantas Insurance and earn up to 150,000 Qantas Points. You'll earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on your premium every month. Plus, download the Qantas Wellbeing App and collect up to 12,000 Qantas Points in a year by walking 10,000 steps each day and regularly reaching your sleep goals.
  • Car Insurance: Up to 30,000 Qantas Points for every car insurance policy you take out.
  • Home & Content Insurance: Up to 30,000 Qantas Points for every home insurance policy you take out.

    When you secure your home, vehicle, and health insurance through Qantas partners, you can earn points on sign-up and ongoing premiums. Typically, you might earn 1 point per $1 of premium.

    • Example: A family spending $300 on health insurance, $170 on car insurance for 2 cars, and $130 on home and contents insurance per month pays $7,200 in insurance per year, which generates $7,200 additional Qantas points. In addition, you might be able to generate up to 12,000 points through the Wellbeing App.
      family kayaking on their overseas holidays

      3. Maximising Points with Home Loans

      Some financial institutions offer Qantas Points as part of their mortgage products, which can be particularly beneficial if you're considering refinancing or taking out a new mortgage. Here’s how you can benefit:

      • Earning Points through Mortgages: Choosing a mortgage product that rewards you with Qantas Points can be extremely lucrative. For example, securing a mortgage that offers 100,000 Qantas Points can significantly help in offsetting the costs of your family’s next holiday.
      • Strategic Financing: By refinancing or choosing a mortgage that aligns with these offers, not only do you get competitive rates but you also earn points that can be used directly for travel, making it a double benefit.

        4. Maximising Points with Electricity and Gas Expenses

        Switching to Red Energy for Utilities

        One of the simplest ways to earn additional Qantas Points is by choosing a utility provider that partners with Qantas. Currently, Red Energy holds the monopoly in this space, offering a rewarding points scheme for just using their services for your electricity and gas:

        • Earning Points with Red Energy: By signing up with Red Energy, you automatically earn 15,000 Qantas Points on their Red Saver plan for signing up and 2 Qantas Points for every dollar spent on your utility bills. For example, a typical family spending around $200 per month on utilities could earn 4,800 Qantas Points per year.
        • Bonus Offers: Red Energy occasionally provides additional bonus points for new customers or those who choose certain promotional plans, which can further accelerate your points accumulation.

          This approach not only helps you manage your essential household expenses but also turns these unavoidable costs into valuable rewards.

          Family on the beach in Thailand

          5. Accumulating Qantas Points Through Everyday Shopping

          Earning Qantas Points doesn't have to involve big spending on flights or vacations. It can be as simple as integrating your point-earning strategies into your daily shopping routines. From filling up your car with fuel to grocery shopping, there are plenty of opportunities to earn points on everyday purchases. Here’s how you can maximize your point earnings through routine activities:

          Earning Points at the Fuel Pump

          • Partner Fuel Stations: BP is a key partner with Qantas, and you can earn points simply by refuelling your vehicle at their stations.
          • How it Works: By linking your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership with your BP Rewards account, you can earn up to 2 Qantas Points per litre of fuel purchased. Additionally, you also earn points on in-store purchases at BP service stations.
          • Strategic Refueling: To maximize your points, consider timing your refuelling to coincide with bonus point promotions, which BP frequently offers.

            Shopping for Groceries

            • Supermarket Partners: Woolworths is a significant retail partner of Qantas. Through the Everyday Rewards program, you can earn points each time you shop at Woolworths supermarkets, BWS, Big W, and participating Caltex Woolworths fuel outlets.
            • How it Works: You need to link your Everyday Rewards card with your Qantas Frequent Flyer account. Once linked, every time you reach 2,000 Everyday Rewards points, they can be converted to 1,000 Qantas Points.
            • Maximising Grocery Points: Look for special offers and promotions within Woolworths where you can earn additional points. Buying products that offer bonus points and taking advantage of special events and offers can significantly boost your points balance.

              Purchasing Through the Qantas Shopping Portal

              • Qantas Shopping Portal: The Qantas Shopping portal offers a direct avenue for earning points when shopping online. It includes hundreds of popular stores across a variety of categories.
              • How it Works: Access the online stores through the Qantas Shopping portal to ensure your purchases are tracked and points are credited to your account.
              • Benefits: Shopping through the portal not only offers you Qantas Points per dollar spent but also provides access to exclusive deals and additional points during special promotional periods.

                Bonus Tip: Qantas Shopping Offers

                • Special Offers and Promotions: Periodically, Qantas Shopping runs promotions that offer increased points per dollar spent, or additional bonus points on certain purchases. Keeping an eye on these offers can help you plan your shopping to maximize points accumulation.

                  By making these simple adjustments to your everyday shopping habits, you can continuously add to your Qantas Points balance, bringing you closer to your next discounted or free flight, upgrades, or other rewards. It’s a practical and easy way to make your daily expenditures work towards funding your future travel dreams.

                  Father and son on a waterslide on their family holiday

                  Chapter 4: Putting Your New Knowledge to Work

                  After assessing what Qantas Points sources apply to you, I recommend you create a similar table to see how many points you will be able to generate in the next 12 months.


                  There is no reason to panic if you come short of the 591,681 Qantas Points required to book that case study trip to Thailand.

                  There are quite a few levers you can use to get your free family holidays or an ultra-cheap holiday:

                  • Be flexible with dates: Play around with various combinations of dates to find the cheapest deal. Mid-week flights tend to be cheaper, which means fewer points are required. Remember to consider school holidays in your planning to ensure availability and to accommodate the kids' schedules.
                  • Choose a closer destination: Check out prices for trips to Bali, Fiji, or even around Australia that might fit into your Qantas Points budget. For a unique family fun experience, consider destinations with holiday parks, kids clubs, and water parks.
                  • A little less luxury: Choose a slightly simpler hotel. You do not need to spend almost 300,000 Qantas Points on a hotel. You can find hotels for about 100,000 points for two weeks in Phuket. For families looking to enjoy the snow, ski resorts can be an excellent option for using points to book accommodations.
                  • Book one week on points and the second on special: For example, book a special via ViaResorts. For AU$289, you can get one week for a family of up to four people.
                  • Pay for the gap: If you have your mind set on a certain hotel and flight, it’s no problem at all. You just have to pay the gap between your Qantas Points collected and the price. You still gain an incredibly cheap holiday for your family. Win! I recommend paying a bigger gap in your flight expenses as your points have less value for flights than for accommodation.
                  • Go on a road trip: Alternatively, consider a road trip as an alternative to flying.

                    Chapter 5: Planning Your Dream Trip

                    Having accumulated a substantial number of Qantas Points through your credit cards, utilities, and insurance, you're now ready to turn those points into a magical family holiday in Thailand or anywhere else in the world.

                    Booking Your Trip Using Points

                    With destinations decided, the next step is to utilise your Qantas Points for booking flights, hotels, and activities:

                    • Accommodation: The Qantas website allows you to use your points to book the hotel from this example and thousands of other family-friendly hotels and resorts worldwide. Always check for special deals and promotions that allow you to use fewer points for stays. Pro Tip: Calculate the total number of points required for your trip. Then book your accommodation first and use the remainder of your points for the flights. You get more cash value for your points for accommodation.
                    • Flights: When booking flights to your dream destination, you can choose between Jetstar and Qantas. Jetstar offers direct flights from Australia to Phuket if you want to follow in our footsteps. Depending on your points balance and family needs, you can use your Qantas Points to book economy, premium economy, or business class seats. Booking flights early and during promotions ensures better availability and value for your points.
                    • Activities and Tours: You can also redeem points for tour packages and activities. From island-hopping tours in Phuket to cooking classes in Chiang Mai, there are numerous options that provide enriching experiences for the whole family.

                      By planning each component of your trip with points, you can significantly reduce cash expenditure and enjoy a more extensive and fulfilling holiday experience.

                      Conclusion: Your Family’s Gateway to Adventure

                      As we wrap up this comprehensive guide to a free family holiday in Thailand using Qantas Points, it's clear that the opportunities for saving and experiencing more are abundant. Through strategic accumulation and utilisation of Qantas Points, your family can enjoy a lavish holiday without the accompanying high costs. Let's recap the key strategies and anticipate the wonderful experiences that await:

                      • Earning Points: We've explored how integrating Qantas Points into everyday activities, from using specific credit cards to switching utility providers and choosing insurance partners, can rapidly increase your points balance. Each step, whether filling up the car with fuel or paying your home insurance, brings you closer to your next holiday.
                      • Maximising Rewards: By choosing the right credit cards, like the Qantas Premier Platinum, you maximise the points earned on every dollar spent. Coupling this with utility bills and insurance premiums tied to Qantas can significantly enhance your point earnings.
                      • Booking the Holiday: Use your points effectively by planning and booking flights, accommodations, and activities entirely with Qantas Points. Prioritise booking during non-peak periods and look for special promotions to get the best value for your points.
                      • Creating Memories: Beyond the financial benefits, the true value of your Qantas Points lies in the unforgettable memories you’ll create with your family. From exploring the cultural riches of Thailand to relaxing on the sun-soaked beaches in Fiji, each moment becomes a cherished memory.

                        By harnessing the power of Qantas Points, your dream of a family holiday is not just a possibility but a tangible, achievable reality. So start planning and earning points to embark on your free dream adventure within 12 months.

                        Safe travels!

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