6 Reasons Why We Should Travel with Our Kids

6 Reasons Why We Should Travel with Our Kids

Travelling is for many people their favourite thing to do. Experiencing different cultures and food and meeting new people broaden our horizons and enrich our lives. But travelling with kids? That's a whole new level of adventure. Some parents avoid travelling with their children, assuming it can be too much work or their kids won't appreciate the experience, which is entirely understandable. However, I'm here to give you six reasons why we should travel with our kids. Trust me; the memories and benefits make it all worth it.

1. Bonding Time

When we travel with our kids, we get to spend quality time together, which can be challenging at other times with all the life commitments. This time allows us to connect deeper and create a stronger family bond. Whether we’re exploring a new city, encountering wildlife in their natural habitats or watching a beautiful sunset on a tropical beach, these shared experiences bring our families closer together and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

A family sits in their tent together while being on a family holiday

2. Educational Experience

Travelling with kids is an educational opportunity unlike any other. We can teach our kids about different cultures, languages, and history outside their daily routines and classrooms. We can also expose them to new foods, music, and art forms. By travelling with our kids, we're taking them out of their usual comfort zones and giving them the gift of knowledge and experience.

A toddler playing in the snow while on holidays with her parents

3. New Skills and Responsibilities

Travelling with our kids can teach them valuable life skills like navigating new places, budgeting, and planning. Our kids can also be given responsibilities, such as helping to plan activities and meals. These responsibilities help them develop more confidence and adaptable and practical skills.

Three girls who are enjoying a day on the beach during their family holidays

4. A Break from Technology

In our technology-driven world, it's easy for kids to get lost in their devices. By travelling, we can give them a break from their screens and encourage them to live in the moment. Our kids can rediscover the excitement of playing outdoors or engage in conversation with the new people they meet along the way. Travelling with our kids can bring so much family interaction; best of all, it almost always takes them outside.

A todder on family holidays sits next to a small kangaroo

 5. Chance to Explore the World

Many parents long to travel the world, but having children can make the logistics seem daunting. However, travelling with kids can open the world to us in a new way. Instead, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to see new places through the eyes of our children. Their excitement and wonder can be infectious!

Father and son who are on holidays together enjoy the view into a valley

6. Memories to Last a Lifetime

The memories we create while travelling will stay with our children forever. It will be the stories our kids share with their friends and cherish when they're older. It will be the pictures they scroll through and the souvenirs they keep. Travelling with our kids will create long-lasting memories and stories that will be retold over and over on many family occasions to come.

Child who is on holidays builds a snow man

To sum it up, travelling with our kids has many benefits. From bonding time to educational experiences, new skills, and responsibilities to a break from technology, a chance to explore the world to memories lasting a lifetime, there are at least six reasons why we should travel with our kids. It won't always be easy, but I believe the benefits are worthwhile for parents and children. So, book that plane ticket or plan that road trip; let’s create those precious memories with our family and make the most of every opportunity we have to travel together.

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