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Electric Simulation Steering Wheel with Light & Sound For Toddlers (1+ years)

Electric Simulation Steering Wheel with Light & Sound For Toddlers (1+ years)

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Take the Wheel with Our Electric Simulation Steering Wheel with Light & Sound For Toddlers

Turn your child's car rides into an entertaining learning experience with our Toddler Electric Simulation Steering Wheel. This interactive toy offers an immersive playtime for both rear-and forward-facing babies and toddlers, making every journey enjoyable and educational.

Easy Installation for Immediate Fun

Setting up this toy is a breeze. With two plastic rings, you can easily attach it to your car seat's headrest. Adjustable for your baby's height and convenience, this steering wheel toy is ready for playtime in just a few seconds. Ideal for busy parents and excited toddlers on the move!

Turn Travel Time into Play Time

Long car rides can sometimes be a hassle for little ones. But with this exciting toy, your child will be entertained with various activities and soothing music. It turns every trip into a fun-filled adventure, making the journey enjoyable for both baby and parents.

Feature-Packed for Hours of Entertainment

This isn't just a toy steering wheel - it's a complete driving simulation for your little one. With a ratcheting gear lever, a baby-safe mirror, buttons that trigger sounds and lights, and even a horn and engine ignition sound, it's a multifunctional toy that delivers endless fun.

Drive and Learn

But this toy is more than just a fun distraction. It's also a valuable development tool. As your child turns the wheel and moves the gear lever, they'll exercise fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Various sounds, lights, and actions stimulate their senses and imagination.

A Must-Have for Driving Parents

If you're a parent who's always on the road with your little one, this toy is a must-have. It transforms your car into a mobile playroom, keeping your child engaged and making your journeys peaceful and enjoyable.

Recommended Age: 1+ years

Specifications: Power supply: 3*AA batteries (not included)

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